Colour Temperature LED with Microcontroller DIY Kit

Learn and make your own LED Light Panel which gives different colours

What will you learn? 

Introduction to Electronics

Introduction to LED's

Working principle of LED and their temperature

Working principle of warm and cool lighting

Working principle of microcontrollers in Colour temperature LED's

Safety Precautions, Basic Maintenance & Troubleshooting of LED's

Learning the art of soldering

Learn how to create a mini circuit

Make your own Colour Temperature LED Panel which gives cool & white from single source

Testing your Colour Temperature LED Panel

Powering up your Colour Temperature LED Panel

Learn how to Plug & Play with your Colour Temperature LED Panel

What do you get in your DIY Kit

Section 1

Soldering Iron

Soldering Stand

Soldering Wire


Safety Glasses

Safety Gloves

Safety Mask

Wire Stripper


Soldering Wire

Practice Raw Materials

Soldering Practice PCB Board

Section 2
Section 3

Emergency LED PCB Board



6V Battery

Battery Connector

Colour Temperature LED PCB Board

Section 4

Colour Temperature LED raw materials

Housing for LED Panel

Connecting Wires

Screw Driver with screws

Additional Addons

Training Manual
Instructional Videos
Live Support

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