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The 4 Hour Draping Masterclass

By Ritvik & Hina

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Date of Masterclass

12th August, 2023

3pm - 7pm


What is Draping

Draping is the technique of making clothing items using a piece of fabric without making paper patterns of any kind. during the draping process a designer takes a piece of fabric that they mould into a three dimensional clothing item directly on top of the wearer's body. draped garments are usually custom made items made in the category of couture categories. draping has been used in many different ways where we either cut the fabric during the process for example draped dresses or pieces where we use the fabric as it is without slashing it into pieces for example an indian saree drape.

What will you learn in this Workshop

In this workshop, the learners will understand about draping properties of different fabric kinds and which kind of drapes are they best suitable for. we will explore different kinds of draped falls (hemlines) that can be used in draped garments. in the next part of the workshop, we will explore the non slashed draping techniques and we will use a piece of fabric to wrap it around the body in different ways to ceate different styles of clothing items such as tops or dresses. the next section will be about draped dresses that have pleats or ruching variations that are hand sewn into a final dress.

What will happen in this workshop

Fabric Drapibility

In this section we will testing different kinds of fabrics to check how a fabric naturally falls and creates its drape, different fabrics based on their weaving structure and fabric weight create different draping experiences, some light weight materials are very easy to drape and on the same hand some light weight materials do not drape well, in this section of the workshop we will explore more on the same.

Fall Drapes

In this section of the wokshop, we will explore the different kinds of hemlines that can be achieved by using draping technihes- for example handkerchief drape or a cascade drape, these are a combination of draping and pattern construction techniques that are easy to achieve and can be used in multiple different methods

Basic Seath Dress

Before going into the draped dress variations we first must understand the constitution of a basic sheath dress that is often used as a base layer for majority of designer draped dresses.

Tops/Scarf Drapes

using a piece of fabric without creating slashes to create draped garments and tops that can be worn and taken back to scratch to redrape into something else- an easy diy wardrobe for you !

Pleated Dress

In this final section of the workshop we will learn to create a classic draped dress with pleating variations that can be shifted and adjusted to create multiple design variations

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Pleated Dress - Tops scarf drapes.jpeg
Ruching drapes - Pleated.jpeg

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