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Get Skilled & Certified on IOT & Electronics by the Govt. of India at your Doorstep

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Learn everything about IOT, Circuits, through digital & animated videos
Learn & Build your circuits through hands on soldering and tools & raw materials given in your Kit
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Learn how to code your IOT Board and connect to servers with Google & Alexa
Get Assessed & Certified
Get assessed & certified by the Govt. of India with AI Assisted Assessment platforms



Home Automation System to control any 5 Appliances with your new Skill!
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Multiple Platforms
Build & Code your board to multiple platforms like Google & Alexa
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WiFi Enabled
Build & connect your device with and control it from anywhere in the world

The Learning Curve

Your Tools

Learn All about your tools before you start any activity. All your tools will be given in Section 1 of the box. 

Art of Soldering

Learn the Art of Soldering through Customised PCB Boards and raw materials given in Section 2 of your DIY Kit

Circuit Building

Build your first Mini Circuit in Section 3 of your DIY Kit and learn all about Ohms Law

Product Building

Learn & Build your IOT Home Automation DIY Kit step by step with all raw materials given in Section 4

Basic Coding

Learn Basic Coding to connect your IOT Board to your lights/appliances around you

Server Integration

Learn how to Integrate and make a Control Platform for your board with a Server. 

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