Motion & Light Sensor DIY Kit

Learn & Make your own Motion & Light sensor unit to control electricity through motion & light

What will you learn? 

Introduction to Electronics

Introduction to Motion & Light Sensors

Working principle of a Motion Sensor

Introduction to Light Sensors

Working principle of an LDR 

Safety Precautions, Basic Maintenance & Troubleshooting of Motion & Light Sensors

Learning the Art of Soldering

Making your first Electronic Circuit

Making your Motion & Light Sensor Board

Testing your Motion & Light Sensor Board

Connecting your Motion & Light Board to Power

What do you get in your DIY Kit?

Soldering Iron

Soldering Stand

Soldering Wire


Safety Glasses

Safety Gloves

Safety Mask

Wire Stripper


Section 1
Section 2

Soldering Practice PCB Board

Practice Raw Materials

Soldering Wire

Section 3

Emergency LED PCB Board



6V Battery

Battery Connector

Section 4

Motion & Light Sensor PCB Board

Motion & Light Sensor Raw Materials

PIR Sensor & LDR


Connecting Wires

LED Holder & LED

Additional Addons

Training Manual
Instructional Videos
Live Support

See your DIY kit live in action