IOT Home Automation DIY Kit

IOT Home Automation DIY Kit

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A first of it's kind DIY kit with which you can make your own home automation device allowing you to control electricity at your fingertips through your phone via Google & Alexa. Wether it's a light bulb or your fan, you would be able to switch it on and off through your phone after working around this DIY Kit. 


What do you learn? 


  1. Basics of electronics
  2. Learning Soldering (Joining 2 metals together) through customised PCB Boards
  3. Building your first electronic circuit (Learning Ohms Law in a practical manner)
  4. Soldering your circuit board with ESP32 and other raw materials
  5. Plug & Power your circuit
  6. 6 Channel IOT Circuit you build to control any 6 Electric Points in your Room/House
  7. Basic Coding and Server Integration
  8. Integrating Google & Alexa to your IOT Board

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