LED Lighting DIY Kit

LED Lighting DIY Kit


The LED Light Assembly kit is our basic entry kit that familiarises users to the basic principles and components at work in an LED light bulb. The kit contains all the required components and tools the user would require to assemble a set of LED bulbs. The kit, which also contains a detailed instructions manual will introduce each component in detail - including their working principle and finally help the user assemble a complete bulb. 

Outcomes - 

  • Soldering - The basic entry skill needed for moving ahead
  • LED Circuit - A basic LED circuit in order for you to understand how PCB boards work
  • LED Light assembly - Go ahead and make your own LED for your surroundings ! 

    A great starter to light up your surroundings ! Start making your own LED's from scratch, the light of the future

  • Age Group

    For all ages 12+