Motion Detector Alarm DIY Kit

Motion Detector Alarm DIY Kit


The Motion Alarm Sensor box introduces users to the field of security which can be used in our day to day lives. The box will help the users understand the working principle of a motion alarm system where motion detectors will be used to detect any motion in the surroundings. Security has become a top priority in our society and with this box you can build your own sensor which can be the first step towards securing your surroundings. 


Outcomes -


  • Soldering - The basic skill needed for any electronic activity
  • Mini LED Circuit - Before moving onto the juggernaut, make your very own first circuit
  • Motion Alarm Sensor - Here you go ! Use your DIY manual and make your own alarm system integrated with motion sensors to detect any motion around you ! Don't let unwanted people come in ! 

    Want to know if someone steps in your surroundings ? Make your own motion alarm sensor and guard yourself from unwanted visits to your surroundings ! 

  • Age Group

    For all ages 12+