Motion & Light Sensor DIY Kit

Motion & Light Sensor DIY Kit

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The Motion sensor and light sensor kit introduces users to how these technologies can be integrated into our day to day life and in consumer products like light bulbs and other lighting solutions. The kit will help users understand the working principle behind these technologies and then help them build a custom lighting solution integrating these sensors. In a world where sustainability and energy conservation has become top priority global challenges, our kit enables users to design and develop their own sustainable lighting solution from the comforts of their home. The kit contains all the required tools and components the user would require to do this and also a detailed users manual that will help them produce a completed product.


Outcomes - 


  • Soldering - The basic skill needed for any electronic activity
  • Mini LED Circuit - Before moving onto the juggernaut, make your very own first circuit
  • Motion & Light Sensor - Here you go ! Use your DIY manual and make your board to automate electricity around you ! 

    Automate your surroundings and your room with our motion & light sensor DIY kit. 

  • Age Group

    For all ages 12+