RGB Mood Lighting LED & Microcontroller DIY Kit

RGB Mood Lighting LED & Microcontroller DIY Kit


The RGB LED + Micro controllers kit introducers users to the functioning of colour changing LED and how micro controllers help achieve this result. The kit contains all the required components that user would need to assemble and produce a set of colour changing LEDs. These LEDs can then be integrated with any product or can be used to produce custom lighting solutions. The objective of the kit is to familiarise users to the working and use of micro controllers in daily life. each kit comes with a detailed users guide that will help users navigate through the various components and the assembly mechanism to produce a finished product.

Outcomes - 

  • Soldering - The basic skill set needed for making any electronic circuit
  • Mini LED Circuit - Make our first battery integrated circuit ! 
  • RGB LED - Come to the finale, use your manual to create a custom lighting solution in order to create different colours in a light ! Go show off ! 

    Make your own coloured lighting solution and work with microcontrollers to get the colour of your choice and ofcourse your own lighting pattern !