Solar Panel Assembly DIY Kit

Solar Panel Assembly DIY Kit

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Today, solar power is considered to be one of the most efficient and clear sources of energy on the planet. Our Solar panel assembly and integration kit aims to empower users to utilise this vast energy source to power their own innovations and products.  The kit enables users to assemble various solar cells to form a complete solar panel that can power up a small device. In the process users will be informed about the various components and principles at work in a solar call. The kit will also contain a detailed users guide that help the user navigate through various components and the assembly process to be followed.

Outcomes - 

  • Soldering - A must needed skill for this kit , you really need to specialise on this. 
  • Mini-Circuit - How about making your own mini circuit before heading to the product
  • Solar Cell Assembly - Get your raw materials out ! Use the manual and make your own solar panel ! Show it off by making your surroundings eco-friendly ! 

    Did you ever think you could make your own Solar Panel at your home ! Get everything you want in our DIY kit to make your first ever solar panel and make your room filled with green energy !

  • Age Group

    For all ages 15+