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The 4 Hour Workshop on Surface Development

By Ritvik & Deepali

What is Surface Development

Surface ornamentation refers to the process of decorating or embellishing a flat fabric surface into a 3-dimensional piece of art using different mediums such as fabrics, threads, dyes, beads etc. using conventional material in unconventional manners to create any textures that add visual appeal to the garment is called surface ornamentation. few of these techniques are called- tie n dye, ruching, embroidery, applique etc.

What will you learn in this Workshop

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Tie & Dye

Tie and Dye is the process of tying fabric in a certain manner to restrict the dye from entering the tied area when dipped into a dye solution, when the fabric is untied, the tied part of the fabric creates kaleidoscopic pattern onto the fabric.

Applique Work

Applique work is the art of patching a piece of fabric onto another fabric using different stitch types to create a shadow pattern. these fabric patches can be cut and patched in different shapes and sizes to add dimension and design in applique work.

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3D Flower

A 3d floral application is cutting circular fabric pieces and edging them on the corners to stop the fabric from fraying by using heat and then assembling these pieces together to create a real-life look like flower


Ruching is the process of gathering a fabric piece and then stitching it on one end of the trip onto a fabric piece leaving one end untied that is rubbed against a hard surface so the gathered fabric opens up on the untied end and gives a feathery look.

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Bead Work

Beadwork is the art of using different types of beads to tack them onto a fabric piece to create a 3d embellished effect. these beads are tacked in different manners to create different effects such as chandelier effect or drop effect.

Bias Cord

Creating a bias cord using a fabric strip and then twisting and turning the cord into different shapes to create a pattern is called bias strip manipulation. To attach this strip to the fabric we can use both machine and hand stitches based on the desired end outcome

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