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Video Editor's

If you are someone amazing at editing videos and has a knack of working in the STEM+ industry, then fill out the form below for a coffee with us!

About us

Skillinabox is a first of it's kind EdTech startup catering to the STEM+ segment having DIY Kit's around IOT, Security & Sustainability to help learners learn and make their own technology and therefore automate their surroundings and also make it more sustainable. 

Job Description - Video Editor

At Skillinabox we help our users get skilled around different technologies through our DIY Kits. Mode of tutorials are through hard manuals and videos. Therefore you would be involved in editing videos for our different boxes. From editing raw footage to logical sequencing and to remain flexible with design changes is something we would expect from you. 

Roles & Responsibilities

Some of the roles & responsibilities but not limited are - 

  1. Edit raw footage into professional high quality videos. 

  2. Input music, dialogues, graphics & effects. 

  3. Ensure logical sequencing and smooth running

  4. Assist with troubleshooting post issues including audio mix, colour & software problems

  5. Remain flexible with design changes and creative direction if/when modified by the creative team

  6. Receive constructive feedback from teammates and clients with an utmost professional manner

  7. Meet or exceed deadlines without compromising the quality or integrity of the product

  8. Effectively communicate creative ideas as well as troubleshoot and provide solutions

  9. Possess a willingness to go the extra mile

  10. Work well independently and with team members


You should know the following softwares in order to apply 

  1. Adobe Premier Pro

  2. Adobe After Effects

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