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"This will give me an edge over so many other people in future."

-Vaibhavi B, 21 Year's old

Early in my school years, I realized that Science was not for me. With time, I realized my love for Social Sciences and opted for Arts in the 11th standard. I have been someone who has always been a curious learner, but due to my bad experience and lack of basic knowledge in the subject I have never taken a step forward to learn something in this field.

I saw a video of Skillinabox on Facebook, with an emphasis given on learning analytical skills. What I have learned till now is all about Psychology or how you deal with someone with depression or anything. So, after watching the video, I wanted to try out the skill box to see what was in there for me. So I approached the skill-in-a-box team and was introduced to the kit. Before starting with the whole process, I was given the knowledge about the purpose served by all the electrical instruments by the team. The placement of various electrical instruments was extremely orderly. The information was crisp and detailed enough to make me understand about the concepts which were alien to me. The instructions to make for example, a motion-light sensor were very systematic. I didn’t feel out of place for even a single moment. I was actually amused to see myself engaged in this whole process for so long.

I feel it was an amazing decision to learn something so different from Psychology. As a girl, knowing about technology which has mostly been a “male-dominated” field, not only gives me power over others who aren’t aware of such things but also empowers me. I am not just aware of the various Psychological theories and concepts but also have skills and knowledge about scientific things. This will give me an edge over so many other people in future.  

It’s not just wonderful for people who are already in the field of science, but also for people like me, who have lost touch with such concepts. In an absolutely fun and compressed way, I got to learn about something so fascinating like light-motion sensor. This has not just hiked my efficacy levels, but also has given me a different and a new perspective.

I would highly recommend it to people, to increase their skills, and improve their cognitive and analytical abilities. It not just gives you a result which is tangible in nature but also gives you a boost psychologically that enhances other positive domains important in the lives of people.

"I wish I had such DIY kits in school."

Mugdha Potdar, 18 Years, DPS Vasundhara



I would like to thank skillinabox for the exciting and educational session with their product. I contacted them through their Fb post and got lucky to be a part of their pilot. The session provided an insight on the basic applications of many things around us that we are unaware of. I am a science student, but this kit helped me view science with a completely different approach. It was easier to understand the concept and I wish I had such DIY kits in school. The kit was self explanatory and the excitement after completing the kit was insurmountable. Skillinabox helped me to develop a curiosity about the things around me. I had made a light and motion sensor with the kit. And now I have attached it to a lamp in my washroom. My friends were amazed to see the lamp lit up whenever they entered the washroom. I am also looking forward to further trying different kits to learn more.

Thanks Skillinabox.

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