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Become Creators"

What is Skillinabox

Skillinabox is a range of first of it's kind DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Kits in India through which you can "Learn to Create" new age technologies and plug & play with them after building them. Fance switching on your light through your phone, try one of our DIY Kits and automate your room with the help of Google/Alexa

How does Skillinabox help you ?

Learn Technology

Learn the concepts of technology and know how they work in real time environments and how they are made

Build Technology

After learning, start building your technology/circuits through a practical approach

Plug & Play 

Once you have made your technology, plug & play with it in your surroundings and automate your room! 

What is DIY

DIY, also known as "Do It Yourself" is an innovative way to read, learn and adapt in order to create or make any product or repair anything. Widely popular in the western countries and also known as "Jugaad" in India. 

How is DIY helpful ? 

Helps you to learn a skill at your home by yourself with minimum intervention and at your own pace

Upskills you in a particular skill set and helps you create different products for your surroundings

Develops cognitive abilities in you thus making you a proactive individual

Upskills you on reading , understanding & applying in order to create , innovate and inpsire your surroundings.

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