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What are we Brewing
We are on a mission to help women get Skilled right at their doorstep and kick start their careers. As they say "Break the ceiling" we are armouring the women of today across India and the world to start earning and shatter boundaries. 

The women workforce around the world has been under-rated and their true potential at scale is something which will build economies. 
The Journey
What started as an Idea in 2022 caught fire and surged ahead spreading like wildfire! What started with a couple of people from a small 2Bhk flat is now a 65+ member strong team across Delhi, Bombay & now PUNE! Yes you heard that right! We are present in AAMCHI MUMBAI!

We started with a community of 10 people and today we are proud to say that we are a community of more than 1.2 Million L women across Youtube, Insta and our other Social Media Channels. 

If you like our mission and want to grow do write to us at
(You can also sneak in an email at

A 100X Growth PLATFORM for YOU!
Why should you work with us? 
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