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What are we Brewing
We are on a mission to help women get Skilled right at their doorstep and kick start their careers. As they say "Break the ceiling" we are armouring the women of today across India and the world to start earning and shatter boundaries. 

The women workforce around the world has been under-rated and their true potential at scale is something which will build economies. 
The awesomeness of our Team @Skillinabox

Each & everyone at Skillinabox love's creating! And hence this is our vision -

to help everyone become MAKERS & CREATORS


See what each and everyone creates at Skillinabox!

We use this magical skill of creation with people across the world and make them a creator of jobs! For everyone who could MAKE stuff - could also CREATE jobs for people. 

Sukriti Sachdev - Loves baking and can make amazing cocktails! Yes you can guess what we are upto with her *wink*

Sukriti 1.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 4.59.52 pm.png

Khursheed- Movie maker! Make's amazing impact movies - here to create stunning video content for you all!

Kanisk Sati - Man without an "H" - Secret entrepreneur in making - here to CREATE Jobs - a lot of them

Kanisk Sati.jpeg

Srishtee Ahuja - Glam of SIB, pure hustler with a standard answer "Mai karunggggii naaaa"


Harshit - Mr. Know it all at SIB - filled with creativity and style. 

Simran Dhaniya - Yes siiiiiirrrrrr! Enroute to become the CHIEF MEME OFFICER at SIB!


Sourabh - SIB's very own HULK. Next NBA championship award goes to SIB. Super creative !

Sourabh SIB.jpg

Akshita Mahajan - She is a maker of Mandalas and then Food! She's in line to create a money maker for foody hobbyists ;)


Nikita Antil - Shes a "Vibe" maker! Yes you can MAKE a vibe too - here to create jobs for the youth and become a wonderwoman


Bhautik- An electronic GEEK - Loves building products - vision of creating jobs around electronics in INDIA for INDIA!

Bhautik Ramoliya.jpeg

Gulneesh - Young, dynamic girl who loves to put a smile on the world and give them confidence through her makeup! She's our star MUA!


Monika (Rinju) - The experienced one at SIB - Keeps everyone grounded!


Sunidhi - Very powerful vision she has for herself - can be the next phoenix!


Ritvik Chauhan - Fashion Designerrrr of SIB! Always up for more sales at Fashion than MUA!

Let's go off work a little - What do we do apart from work? 

Our monthly Reviews

Diwali review.jpeg

Office Rejigs

Office rejigs.jpeg

Midnight post office hunger

Midnigh foodies.jpeg

Reel Fails

October diwali 1.jpeg

Student Visits

Student at SIB.jpeg



I was alone so I bought a mannequin phase

No friends.jpeg

Hunger Shoots

Snack at work.jpeg

The Glam Team

glam team.jpeg

Work Poems

Campaign Shoots!

Why should you work with us? 
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