The Story Line

Education & Skills are the two main building blocks of any individual. That is what makes the country thrive in all aspects. The difference in these two main building blocks is evident from the current scenarios of the developed, developing & the under-developed countries. With the mission of "Skill Building" and the vision of "Education" in every individual CSB Education & Skill was born in 2013 and skilling more than 10000 youth across the blue collar spector in a span of 5.5 years. Carrying this experience of skilling "Skillinabox" was born in 2018 to cater to the mismatch in the education sector and the age old textbook oriented methodology. The idea was to instil new age skill sets in young minds through the medium of DIY in order to develop cognitive abilities in them and allow them get their "Learnings to Life".Be it a solar panel or an LED or even a light sensor or a motion sensor, the young minds through skillinabox would be able to automate their surroundings by actually learning on it. 

Meet The Team

Prateek S Bhardwaj

Founder & CEO

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Amit Kumar Choudhary

Co-Founder & CTO

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Deep Mewada


Keshav Thakral

Creative Head

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Rakhee Talukdar


Khursheed Ali

All About Videos

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The Brainstorming & Advisory Team

Anand Ramesh Kumar

Prabal Bhardwaj

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