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What is Skillinabox

Skillinabox is an ed-tech startup into DIY technological kits with application. It also has subscription services where you learn a new skill and also make a new product each month. These skill sets are on the technologies of the future and it's applications can be integrated in your day to day life.

How and who designs the kits

Skillinabox has an incredible team with over 40 years of combined experience in the education and skills domain. Each kit is designed by a set of experts after choosing and identifying the right skill set which can be taught to you. 

Can I use these customised kits in real life? 

Yes of course! These kits will help you get hundreds of customers all around the world!

Are these kits safe to use

All kits are pre-tested before reaching to you. Also, we have carefully marked all safety instructions so that you have a seamless building experience. Please follow the safety instructions. It is a must as you are dealing with electricity. 

How long will it take for 1 kit to complete 

We assume that every box would take atleast 2 weeks in order to understand the concept of the kit and it's working. Some may even take more. Therefore,  we recommend you work at your own pace for a better understanding experience. 

What age groups can buy these kits and make their product 

We recommend children above the age of 12 years to work on these kits. However older people who are hobbyists can also use these kits to up-skill themselves.

How will you get confirmation of your order ? 

After placing an order, you will get an email on your registered email address regarding your order followed by the tracking details of the same. 

Do you accept COD orders ? 

Yes! You can always pay for it once you get it! 

What do you mean by Pre-Book? 

We help you Pre-Book our launch kits when we launch them at very heavy discounts as we want you to be the early adopters. It means that our product is into manufacturing & inbound and should reach you in 30 days. Any delay if any would be intimated to you in advance. We strongly suggest you to always Pre-Book the products you're interested in as you will literally get them at cost price!

How is the shipping done 

Shipping is done through a third party reputed courier company's to get you a seamless experience in buying. 

Is the shipping free ? 

Absolutely ! Shipping of any and all of your boxes is free of cost. That's on us ! 

What if the component in the kit are faulty 

Though all components are tested before it is sent out to you , however if you face technical issues , reach out to us at and we would be glad to assist you. 

Will I get a replacement if the kit is faulty 

If the component is not working and is not functioning, we will ship out that component to you. If the electronic board ( PCB ) has been damaged, which would be possible done by over heating the board then you have to buy a new kit. However if the problem lies at our end, we will happily give you a replacement. 

How do I provide feedback for Skillinabox 

We would love to hear from you ! Best thing that can happen to us ! Good or bad we would love to hear. Just write to us at !

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