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Summer colour trends: Bright and bold shades to try this season

Summer fashion is all about looking stylish while remaining cool and comfortable. Summers are the ideal time to experiment with vivid and striking hues. Here are some summer colour trends you might want to try this season:


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Neon colours are a popular trend for summer fashion, as they add a bold and vibrant touch to any outfit. Try incorporating neon shades like bright green, pink, or orange into your outfits for a pop of colour.

Bold blue:

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Bold blue is a great colour to wear during the summer as it is vibrant and eye-catching. Shades of bold blue like cobalt and royal blue are popular this season. These colours are perfect for adding some drama to your summer wardrobe.


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Coral is the ideal shade for the summer because of its vibrant beauty. It is a popular summer colour because it looks good on sun-kissed skin. This colour will look great in tops, dresses, and skirts.


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Yellow is the ideal colour for the summer because it is upbeat and uplifting. For a fun and playful look this season, try wearing shades of lemon or mustard


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Soft pastels like lilac, mint, and peach are perfect for summer. These colours are feminine and romantic and look great in dresses and skirts.

Bright Red:

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Red is a timeless shade that works well for summer. For a bold look this season, try wearing bright red shades like tomato or scarlet.

Tones of earth:

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This summer, earth tones like rust, terracotta, and olive green are in vogue. These colors are ideal for achieving a relaxed and natural appearance.

Final words

Summer is the ideal time to wear bold and vibrant colors in your wardrobe. There are a lot of colors to choose from, from sunny yellow to fiery orange, that will help you stand out and make a statement. Therefore, this summer, don't be afraid to play around with color and have fun with your wardrobe!

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