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Why people are obsessed using gadgets for a wrong purpose What we Can Do About It

Did we know that according to research, a brain’s response to technology

is similar to the way a drug addict responds to heroin/cocaine?

Not kidding!

Excessive usage of a gadget for non-productivity, is as bad as drugging a

child! It’s a form of addiction that can impact a person’s future in adverse


And all this happens due to something called ‘Dopamine’.

We’ll tell exactly what Dopamine is, how it can affect a person’s life and

what we can do to ensure it doesn’t get your child addicted to mobile


So what is Dopamine?

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps two neurons communicate.

It’s released during ‘pleasurable’ or ‘rewarding’ experiences and tells a

brain that we want more of something.

There are 2 ways through which this can happen.

Healthy rewards

This occurs when a child takes an effort, develops skills, works hard

and achieves their goal.

  1. When the child plays a guitar using their skill and get appreciated for it, dopamine gets released.

  2. When the child studies well and gets their favorite ice cream as reward, dopamine gets released.

  3. When the child is given a new toy for participating in competition, dopamine gets released.

All this inspires the child to work harder the next time just to get the same feeling of appreciation or reward!

So that’s ONE way of getting dopamine…, further leading towards trading!

Stimulated rewards

In this case, the child receives dopamine by engaging in unhealthy practises again and again.


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1 Comment

Akilesh 03
Akilesh 03
Dec 07, 2021

Good Info

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