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Shelly started earning more than 25000 per month after successfully completing her Fashion Designing program from Skillinabox


Bharat Ki EntrepreNaari's
have started earning

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Anam took a step forward with Skillinabox and is now earning more than 22000 every month working with multiple brands & House of Chikankari

Priyadarshini finished her Fashion designing program from Skillinabox in Jan 2024 and is now earning more than 24000 per month

Shivangi converted her passion into her profession with Skillinabox and is now earning more than 15000 per month

Kiran's passion for fashion led her to Skillinabox & today she is earning more than 25000 per month after successfully completing her program


Working at House of Chikenkari


Offline customisation orders


Offline customisation orders


Training to kids & fashion shows

Community of 10,00,000+ women

4.7 Star on Google

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Students Across

10+ Nations

Around the world


Our Reach

Become a Fashion Designer & Start Earning

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Professional Fashion Designing Program

10 Months

1-1 LIVE Classes & Mentorship

Fashion Designing Kit with Electric Sewing machine

Govt. of India Skill Certification

Professional portfolio shoot*

Your personal online website*

The Skillinabox Advantage

1 on 1 LIVE Online Sessions

1 Year LMS Videos

Govt. of India Skill Certification

Your online Dukaan
& Boutique

Industry First - One on one LIVE online sessions with Experienced mentors

Once more - first in the India - Step by Step learning videos for 1 year!

India's first & only platform giving you a Govt. of India Skill Certification at your home!

India's first & only platform to setup your online shop!

6 Reasons to join us
(We promise if you have all of these with you, no-one can stop you from growing)


Your Skills

From Fashion to Entrepreneurship, we impart every skill needed in you to grow in life as a Fashion Designer. Since we have built it ourselves, we know how to do it


Your Website

We did say that we are going to help you from 0-10. You need a website to show your skills to the world and we will make sure to showcase your collections in your newly launched online boutique. 


Your Tools

Every tool you would need in order to become a Fashion Designer and grow from there, we will make sure you have it. 


All about Marketing

Yes you will need all the help & skills to showcase and grow on Social Media and we along with our team are going to help you with all of that. We grew our community from 0 - 7 Lac women and we are sure we know how to do it again. 

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Your Mentors

Unmatched mentorship from the everyone who has gone through the struggles and built it themselves. From Fashion Designing to Entrepreneurship to finance, we have your back at every corner



In order to grow, you need to have the right collaborations. This is where the team at Skillinabox helps you to collaborate with Fashion Brands as well as other organisations in order to help you grow. 

Our learners really LOVE US! 

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Work with us just like our Entreprenaari's at the 
House of Entreprenaari!

Here to help you EARN

Financial Independence to every women out there!

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Now Get Skilled, Get Certified, Build your portfolio and get access to Loans upto 5 Lacs to setup your own Studio!


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Our learners are spread across India & the world bringing a change in their lives

More than 20k learners skilled
in various vocational skills 

More than 200 Million people are going to join the internet economy from their doorsteps*

Look at our amazing creations

Head to our Youtube channel to see more engaging & creative content!

Skilling Certifications by the Industry

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Get your own WEBSITE


Our Awards


Our Partners

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Our Payment Partners


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