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Multiple ways of Learning & Building


Instructional Animated Videos

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What do you get? 

What do you Learn?



The Tool Box

Your Tool Box comes with all the tools like Soldering Irons, Wires, PPE's, Multimeters, etc. to do your activities. Use them every month to learn & build a new Skill


Soldering Practice Boards

The 1st step towards product building, this allows you to learn Soldering and has all raw materials. 


Your First Circuit

Allows you learn & build your first circuit, clarifying the laws of Electric Current


Your Product

Has all raw materials & circuit boards such as transformers, microcontrollers, diodes, circuit boards etc. to help you learn & build your product & get your Skill to Life. 


Learn & Build new age technologies


Concept clarity through Hands on Learning


Develop Motor, Cognitive, DIY Skills


Get certified by the Govt. of India


How to automate your surroundings with technology


Entrepreneurship Skills


"This was by far the best thing I have ever made in my life! And I'm proud I could build it being a commerce student. Thanks Skillinabox for this amazing DIY Kit! It surely has gamified technology!
- Abhimanyu Mishra (18 Years Old)

Our response to COVID-19

A first of its kind initiative to help you skill an underprivileged youth & get them self employed by buying their products of use where the profits go directly to them.

What our learners have to say


Age - 13 Years

Arnav Gautam

I learnt a lot of new stuff like Soldering and many other things that I didnt know. I likd the idea of getting your "Skills" to life a lot. It's completely new and way more interesting than Robotics and use your Skills in real life situations. I really loved it!


Age - 21 Years


It is good that Vaibhavi got to learn something very different. I'm happy to know that now she not only has knowledge about Psychology but also can create science based things like sensors. Every child should learn things other than their main subject. It was a very nice opportunity for Vaibhavi as learning new things like this gives happiness.


Age - 12 Years


It was completely awesome! Learned so many things and the whole idea that you could get something to life and use in your daily life was amazing! I would want a Motion Alarm Sensor to know when my Mom is coming to my room!

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