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The Corset Masterclass

2 Weeks

14 Hours

INR 10,000/-

INR 4,999/-

(Corset Kit included)

Early Launch Offer - 50% Off!

Offer ends on 22nd September

Batch Launch on 1st October!

50% Offer only for the first batch

What is Corset

A corset is a western top that is often worn under evening wear gown and wedding dresses, the purpose of a corset is to enhance the figure of the wearer and make the waist appear thinner.

Corsets have recently become a part of outter wear and have been a massive trend in the fashion industry. Corsets are made in various shapes and materials now, such as satin, lycra, cotton drill and many translucent materials as well such as polyester, organza etc.

Corsets are primarily known for their tailor made fitting and finishings. Corsets were considered a luxury or couture item until recently as many fast fashion brands now have started making corsets in a ready to wear size chart as well.

Summary of your program


You will get a Corset kit delivered at your home with everything you need to make a Corset

Corset Kit


Everyday classes & assignment submission for 5 days.  

Your LMS CLasses


2 Group LIVE sessions for clearing doubts and practical demonstration of corsets

LIVE Group session

Outcomes of the Program


Govt. of India Skill Certification to certify your Corset making skills. 

Govt. of India Certification


You will Design & create.4 types of Corset in 2 weeks from all the materials given in the kit. 

4 Types of Corset


You will also create a whole corset dress which even you can wear or sell!

Corset Dress

What will you learn in these 2 weeks? 


Introduction to Corset History

Pattern variations of a classic strapless

Pattern making of a classic strapless

Construction of an underwire corset

Construction of an classic strapless

Materials & Tools study


Corset dress creation - Flared & Sheath

Construction of a transparent corset

Strap variations in a corset

Pattern making of a corset belt

Surface Development

Draping techniques on a Corset

What will you get in your Kit

Pattern Paper, Black Marker & Fabric Marker

Brown paper_edited.png
Fabric Marker_edited.png
Black marker_edited.png

Grid Scale & French Curve

French Curve_edited.png
Grid Scale_edited.png

Tracing wheel & yellow carbon paper

Paper draftr_edited.png
Pruple fabric_edited.png

Tafeta Silk & Tulle Fabric

Beads & Fabric Scissors


Fusing sheet & lace

Muslin & Canvas Fabric

Muslin Cloth_edited.png

Zippers & Bonding Wire


Bust Pads

How will the classes take place?


LMS Sessions which stay with you for 6 months


Weekly Group Demo Sessions


Customised Kit delivered at your doorstep

Your Corset Certificate

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