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A Guide to find your Perfect Lipstick Shade

Choosing the perfect lipstick shade can be a daunting task, but it's not that sophisticated. Follow these easy steps and find your ideal match- Simple!

STEP 1: Determine your Skin Tone

Have you ever tried a lipstick or foundation shade that just doesn't feel right? Well that's probably because you were not quite aware of your skin tone. Confused? Don't worry we will help you find your perfect shade.

Skin tone or undertone is different from complexion (shade of your skin), which means your undertone will remain the same no matter how much you tan during summers. There are three different undertones: cool, warm, and neutral.

  • Cool undertone: Cool undertones are characterised by pink, red, or blue hues in the skin. People with cool undertones usually look best in shades that have blue or purple undertones, such as berry and plum shades.

  • Warm undertone: Warm undertones refer to yellow, peachy, or golden hues in the skin. These undertones are typically found in people with olive or tan complexions.

  • Neutral undertone: Neutral undertones are neither cool nor warm. They are a balance between the two, often described as beige or olive. Those with neutral undertones are lucky in that they can wear a wide range of shades, from bold brights to subtle nudes.

Knowing your undertone will help you a lot, from choosing the right lipstick shade to foundation and hair colour. Once you know it, boom, all your problems are solved. But how do we find our undertone colour? Here are five basic methods to test your skin tone: to test your skin tone:

Method 1: Check your Vein colour

If your veins appear blue or purple, you have a cool undertone. If they appear green, you have a warm undertone. If they appear neither or in between the two, you might have a neutral undertone.

Method 2: Hold a white piece of clothing or sheet up to your face

Look in the mirror, holding the piece of white fabric and off-white fabric next to your face. How does your skin appear in contrast to the two fabrics? If your skin appears more yellowish, you have a warm undertone. If it appears rosier, then you have a cool undertone. If your skin appears grey, you probably have an olive complexion with a neutral undertone. Can't determine the colour? Well, then you have a neutral skin tone.

Method 3: Use Gold and Silver foil or Jewellery

Hold a piece of foil in front of your face so that it reflects light onto your skin. Does the reflection make your skin look washed out or greyish, or does it enhance your skin colour? If your skin glows from the reflection of silver foil, you have a cool undertone. If gold foil compliments your skin tone better, then you might have a warm undertone. You can also try this test with gold and silver jewellery on your wrist. Silver compliments cool undertones, while gold compliments warm undertones.

Method 4: Check how your skin reacts to the sun (Burn vs Tan)

The amount of melanin in your skin determines how it reacts to sun exposure. If your skin burns easily and doesn't tan, you have less melanin, which gives you a cooler undertone. If your skin tans easily and rarely burn, you have more melanin, which gives you a warm or neutral undertone.

Method 5: Eye Colour

Light-coloured eyes like blue or pale brown mean you have a cool undertone. If you have brown or hazel eyes you probably have a warm undertone.

STEP 2: Choosing the Right Lipstick Shade

Finding the right undertone is key to discovering your perfect lipstick shade. With thousands of lip shades available, it may seem like an impossible task, but there are a few easy ways to figure it out:

For a warm skin tone can opt for warmer-shade lipsticks that have red, peach, or yellowish undertones to them. These shades will add a subtle warmth to your complexion and can make the lips look fuller and more vibrant.

Cool skin tones will go perfectly with plum, cherry, crimson, and purple hues. These cool-toned hues will complement your skin's natural undertones and give you a polished, put-together look.

Neutral skin tones have a range of undertones in their skin, which makes it easier for them to match a variety of colours when it comes to fashion and makeup. If you're still struggling, then you can go for red. Its vibrant pigment can pop against any skin tone.

So, next time you're shopping for lipsticks, keep your skin tone in mind and choose a shade that enhances your natural beauty.

STEP 3: Consider the shape of your lips

Lips shape, it's time to figure out the shape of your lips and how you can accentuate it so that it looks better. The shape of your lips can vary greatly from person to person, here are some tips to follow:

Heart Shaped Lips

Lips with a heart shape are distinctive and beautiful, but applying lipstick can be difficult. Use a lip liner to outline your natural lip shape and then apply lipstick in the same shade to make your lips appear fuller. Try experimenting with bold shades or ombre effects for a look that is more dramatic.

Top-Heavy Lips

Top-heavy lips mean your upper lips are more pronounced and heavier than the lower lips, and the cupid's bow is not defined. It's hard to strike a balance with such lips and so, to create a balanced look, apply a slightly darker shade to the upper lip and a brighter shade to the lower lip. This will help visually even out the appearance of top-heavy lips.

Bottom heavy lips

As the name suggests, bottom-heavy lips mean having a lower lip much fuller than the upper lip. To balance this lip shape, overline your upper lip with a similar colour lipstick shade to match the lower. You can also use neutral colour concealer to the centre of your upper lip to make them look fuller. Use creamy or matte lipsticks to finish the look and avoid using lip gloss, as they may accentuate the heaviness.

Thin lips

You do not get many areas to play with colours if you have thinner upper and lower lips. To make it look fuller, first, overline your lips with a lip pencil and then smudge it for a more natural look before applying your lipstick. Go for lighter colours on your lower lip or use a lip gloss to make them look plum and fuller. Another trick is to use an eyeliner pencil to add a brown shadow under your lower lip to add heaviness.

Wide lips

If you have wide lips, your smile will become the focal feature of your face. So, to tone it down a little bit you can overline your lower lip to eliminate its width and add weight to it. Use softer and nude shades of pink or brown to shift focus from them. Harsh colour will make them look smaller and thinner.

Bottom line

Don't think too much if you can't find the right shade, you should always choose the one you feel best in. Do not let the rules affect your choice! Remember, fashion is all about expressing yourself and feeling great in what you're wearing, so don't let any rules or trends hold you back from choosing the shade that makes you feel amazing!

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