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Who is a Fashion Stylist? Types of Fashion Stylists


The majority of a fashion stylist's work involves designing looks that are original, pleasing to the eye, and appropriate for the wearer. A fashion stylist's expected set of responsibilities includes: going to fashion shows, different showrooms, and any design industry occasions to remain refreshed about creators and fashion trends.

  • Obtaining garments from various fashioners, shops, and stores

  • exploring design, outfit, and workmanship history to concoct how design can be styled and the manners in which they have been finished in the past to decide how they could do it in the present

  • consulting with people in the fashion or entertainment industries, such as models, photographers, designers, art directors, magazine editors, and directors of films and television who work with public figures to develop a personal fashion identity that may include personal shopping

  • assisting retail chains with clothing acquisition

These are the activities of a fashion stylist.

1. Editorial fashion stylist

An editorial stylist typically chooses the model's look before a photo shoot. They are creative professionals whose primary responsibilities include selecting a wardrobe for advertisements, published editorials, live performances, and music videos. For their exclusive public appearances, they can even collaborate closely with models, famous people, artists, or public figures.

When creating a particular fashion styling look for a particular project, an editorial stylist frequently works alongside a creative team that may also include a fashion designer, photographer, retailer, producer, hair stylist, director, and makeup artist.

A fashion stylist's tasks may depend on the clients they are assisting, and whether their employer is in retail and sales or media and public relations. As they are able to work in a variety of industries, their job duties can vary significantly. Some of their job responsibilities include:

  • develop a creative strategy together with the team and the model

  • Perform a style-specific dress rehearsal on the model

  • Make a style guide

  • Prepare the model for the shoot by designing their hair

  • keep the model's appearance throughout the shoot.

  • Contribute to the photographer's capture of the creative plan.

2. Commercial fashion stylist

Your branding and public image are crucial to portraying your brand correctly and that’s why it is crucial for emerging fashion designers in commercial styling to create a lookbook that connects with their target market.

They for the most part work for the vast majority of promotion plugs and offices, by making the right blends for the cast and sharing the screens.

They ought to have great information on colors, what varieties work perfectly in the camera, and the prerequisites of the brand sorting out the promotional film. Since commercial stylists typically work independently, they are able to collaborate with designers, photographers, and production companies on similar projects.

What are their job responsibilities?

  • Choose and recommend shoes and accessories that complement clients' outfits, inform customers about fashion trends

  • provide product details, including fabrics, wash care instructions, prices, and discounts

  • suggest alternative outfits and colors, and create unique looks.

3. Runway stylist

It takes a lot to give the same brand a new application of outfit combinations by managing both keeping the brand identity in place and giving it a whole new look and aesthetics altogether.

When it's time for fashion weeks, it is seen- big names and high-end designers unite to showcase their collections. And so, famous runway stylists are hired specifically to maintain the collections' vibe and mood.

Job responsibilities:

  • Keeping up with the latest and most recent fashion and design trends.

  • advising clients on visual fashion styling.

  • Choosing the best pieces for the shoot from collections and ranges.

  • purchasing shoot-related props.

  • directing photo sessions.

  • maintains relationships with retailers, wholesalers, and magazines.

4. E-commerce fashion stylist

An e-commerce stylist is responsible for designing catalogs and looks for various brands.

Most of them are freelancers who collaborate with a variety of production companies, photographers, and designers. They are very similar to commercial stylists.

Sometimes they have to buy and merchandise projects, they may also have to buy houses or merge with retailers and manufacturers.

What does an e-commerce fashion stylist do?

  • Use a variety of styling techniques to position and present Coach products on the photography set.

  • Ensure that products are accurately, creatively, and in line with Coach guidelines.

  • Manage the process for new silhouette styling guide approvals and additions.

  • Receive, tag, prep, and return merchandise in an efficient and organized manner.

  • Organize merchandise according to shot flow and manage on-set shot tracking.

  • Prepare products for photography by removing packaging and labels, steaming, and organizing.

  • Assist in different areas of the studio as required, such as on-figure styling and production

5. Retail fashion stylist

Nowadays, many retailers, luxury, and premium brands go to hire retail stylists as part of their stores to help customers guide them through their collections, and stores and consult them about trends and personal styling. They help by communicating the design aesthetics and features to their requirements and suggesting to them what they should buy.

What are retail fashion stylist's job responsibilities?

  • recognizing customer needs and delivering the best results.

  • identifying new market opportunities.

  • explaining the material and washing instructions to customers.

  • addressing customer inquiries and complaints.

  • providing individual styling advice to customers who ask.

  • Including accessories with the outfit if customers request them.

  • managing the product's display and advertising.

  • maintaining cordial relationships with current clients.

  • determining the amount of stock and making sure it is replenished promptly.

6. Celebrity fashion stylist

Celebrity stylists assist famous people in dressing for red-carpet events and award shows. A celebrity stylist is in charge of maintaining the celebrity's requirements for public appearances, red-carpet looks, awards, and advertising campaigns. Here are Celebrity fashion stylist job responsibilities:

  • Choosing apparel and adornment pieces for publications, adverts, music recordings, movies, or network shows

  • Building engaging style pictures for famous people

  • Be updated on current and well-known patterns, style architects, and design names

  • Teaming up with tailors, creators, photographic artists, hair specialists, cosmetics craftsmen, and the media to guarantee big names look chic on all occasions

  • Going to fashion shows to uncover recent fads or searches for superstars to wear on various occasions

  • Anticipating style trends for superstars so that they can wear them first


Dedication, perseverance, and motivation are necessary for fashion stylists. It can be hard, but if you love what you do, it will lead you in the right direction.

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